Entry #1

For the love of. . .

2008-01-14 22:06:13 by Aartious

This is a ranting, more than anything. I have yet to submit my first Flash movie, and here is why: All the new submissions are horrible. For the past week, I've only seen a few good ones. I remember back when this first came around that good flash movies/games where flowing forth like the river Styx. Now, maybe one or two will show up every now and than. This fills me with fear. What if my first baby is just as bad. Like the inbreed spawn of and inbreed couple who have shared this heritage for several generations.

I dunno. . .


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2008-01-14 23:59:14

make a flash
dont submit it
watch it
show it to any1 u know in rl
make it as perfect as u can
and submit it
itll be better than anything ng has seen in a while and thus most likely get passed
now while standards are at all time lows is when id submit it if i were u :p

Aartious responds:

Heh, that's actually a good point...all right. I'll make some finishing touches, and we shall see. Thanxxx!


2008-01-15 15:21:58

np ^.^ gl